autumn - hazelnut
- roasted hazelnut shown by replacing marshmallows roasting over a fire with hazelnuts
- leaves and hazelnuts used for boarders to make the design flow around the jar

summer - vanilla
- combining vanilla and summer with ice-cream vans
- clouds show the delicate flavour
- shells, vanilla pods and vanilla flavours combine the flavour and season

winter - chocolate
- coffee beans and chocolate pieces in the bushes, as lights and in the snowflakes
- starts in the background for the 'enticing flavour'

spring - caramel
- geometric flowers to look like hard caramel
- daffodils with caramel pouring out and cups as the centre
- bees hinting to coffee making people 'buzzed'

full label designs

illustrated typography to reflect the flavours and illustrations for each season

Douwe Egberts Packaging

Packaging for Douwe Egbert's flavour coffee, targeting a younger audience who are happy to buy coffee in coffee shops, but not to drink at home. There is lots of excitement over seasonal drinks from coffee shops online, I used this excitement for Douwe Egbert, by making associations with the flavours and seasons. I created illustrations hinting to the flavours, coffee and seasons, wit illustrative type and designed barcodes.